How To’s

Clearing Out Lower Energies and Raising the Vibration of Your Space

Everything is energy.  We don’t always keep our energy to ourselves, and others often leave “pieces” of their energy with us.  Our living spaces also carry the energy of whatever occurred in the space. Both of these situations can lead to feeling sluggish, not quite yourself or heaviness in your home. We should not be carrying other people’s stuff around, and our livings spaces should feel clear and light!  Make it a point to clear your space at least once a week. It will give both you and your environment a lift.

For this exercise, we will use the angels to help raise our vibration and the vibration of our homes, and clear out any stale or unwanted energy. This includes any earthbound spirits, any residual energies from anger or disagreements, and other lower vibration energy.

There are so many ways to do this clearing. We use Archangel Michael because this method is extremely effective and easy.  It is all about intentions.

We begin with your space.  This can be your home, office, car…wherever you spend any time.

Take a few deep breaths. Center yourself and repeat this prayer:

“Dear Archangel Michael, please vacuum out my house, each and every room, removing any energies that are not for our highest and purest good, or our Divine purpose. Please use the high setting* and replace any energy with your light and love. Thank you so much. ”

You should feel a lift of energy in your house after you do this.

Next, we clear the energy in our bodies.  Repeat this prayer:

“Dear Archangel Michael, please vacuum any energies out of my body, my aura, my energy fields and centers that are not for my highest and purest good or for my Divine purpose. Please use the (high/medium/low*) setting and replace any energies with your light and love. Thank you so much. ”

*The settings are how slowly or quickly Archangel Michael removes the energies. Play with it and see what fits for you.

You should feel lighter after this is done.

You can do this anytime you feel you might have picked up some lower energy somewhere, and for your house whenever you feel it needs it.

Sealing Your Space

You can also have Archangel Michael protect your space so the lower energies cannot come in. Using this protection around the house, office and car ensure you are not “bugged” by anyone.

Once you clear your space and your personal energy, say this prayer:

“Archangel Michael, please protect my space, sealing all windows, doors and other entrances.  Only high vibration is allowed in this space from this moment forward.  Thank you!”

The caveat to this is you must believe Michael can do this for you.  He cannot help you if you do not believe he can.

Asking for Angelic Protection

If you wish to take it to the next level and have Archangel Michael protect you from lower vibrations, repeat this prayer:

“Dear Archangel Michael, please be my protector from this day forward. Surround me with your love and light and allow only high vibrational energies to be close to me. Thank you so much! ”

That’s it! If you ever feel any fear around anything, call on Archangel Michael, and he will be there.

A note about this last part, you might still feel lower vibrational energies around you since we do still live in the third dimension. Archangel Michael protects them from attaching to you (unless you allow this), but he cannot keep them out of your existence.

The more you raise your vibration, though, the more higher vibrations will surround you and the lower vibrations will seem farther away. So keep those vibrations high!